Bambuszmánia is an exclusive bamboo wallpaper and textiles distribution company.

We’re working directly with more european manufacturers, you can find in our palette the conservative English style, the minimalist design and a youthful, alternative line, too.

Among our material offer you can find the latest trends, such as LED, swarovski crystals, faux fur, leather-look or textiles within our wallpaper’s pattern. Our wallpapers can be found in private homes, hotels, restaurants, casinos in Budapest and in the countryside.
Not only our specific products we offer – wallpapers, fabrics, lamps, carpets – but our skills, such as site survey, interior designer, complete curtain fitting, bedspreads, pillows, curtain rods manufacturing, assembling, painting, wallpapering with warranty. You can view our products in our stores with a cup of coffee.

Our services

We can help you with these

  1. Wallpapering with a guarantee

    Quality wallpapers deserve quality workmanship. We can help with this too!

  2. Upholstery

    Upholstery of furniture and interior design elements.

  3. Making lampshades from textiles and wallpaper

    So that the accessory of your home shines even more!

  1. On-site furnishing advice

    So that you can completely customize your home.

  2. Full survey: wallpaper quantities

    Wallpaper quantities; quantities of curtains, bedspreads, pillows and textiles.

  3. Curtain washing, cleaning

    We undertake curtain washing and cleaning with a correct deadline, in a quality design.